Shivganga Summit Flag

A small, straggling Ficus tree on the summit of Shivganga, decorated with bangles and witness to countless monkey-human food-grab interactions

Granite Theatre Split Rock

In a natural granite amipitheatre on the slopes of the dramatic Shivganga Hill, a Ficus tree splits open a ancient boulder

Hosaholalu Tree

This South American tree is the sole arboreal decoration at an ornate and intricate Hoysala temple

Tonnur Nyctanthes

One of several trees revered at the Tonnur temple, this parijata tree is said to be Krishna’s favourite.

Pinjarapole Circle Ficus

You can find this pleasant banyan surrounded by a fence near Chamundi Hills, and near the Pinjarapole animal hospital

Nandi Rain Tree

At seven hundred stairs on a staircase of a thousand, Mysore’s Chamundi Hill, a large Nandi Bull statue offers a convenient break point, and a rain tree offers a small bit of shade.

Landmark Trees of India