Pachmari Bander Samasya

A stout, spreading, and sharp tree from Australia, misidentified as a monkey puzzle by the garden staff.

Udaigiri Sterculia

On the ridgeline of Udaigiri caves, this tree dramatically overlooks the farmfields below.

#1 Neem of Udaigiri

At the first of the Udaigiri meditation caves near Sanchi, this neem tree introduces you to the archeological site.


When I asked a passing youngster what this tree was, he said Barasan. Maybe thats a local version of Baragad- Banyan?

Manu Flood Memorial

A sculpture representing a metal tree, and reminding us of the shared Deluge mythology throughout the world. Maybe a reminder of our postglacial window, and our pre-greenhouse world?

Vanuvasi Dhak

At a recently restored temple in the corner of Orchha river island, this young Dhak tree is a growing piece of the beautiful Orchha heritage.

Laxmi Girls Tree

On the outskirts of Orchha town, this big banyan tree near a Laxmi temple is said to bring luck to young girls

Burnt Peepal

At some point, this peepal tree at Orchha survived a fire which hollowed out a portion of the trunk.

Panna Gate Peepal

This leaning tree marks the entrance to one of the Project Tiger Reserves, Panna National Park. Unfortunately tiger numbers are at critically low levels, but there are many other wonderful things to see on a safari in the park.

Landmark Trees of India