Karnataka Rock Climber’s Team Tree

At the artificial wall in downtown Bangalore where India’s leading state rock climbing team practices, a rain tree offers a convenient place to practice alternate rope techniques

Bangalore Club Ravenala

It’s worth strolling into the exclusive Bangalore Club to see the Madagascar Traveller’s Palm growing in the lawns before the main building

Brigade Street Rain and Column

In downtown Bangalore’s busiest commercial district, a rain tree stretches far to touch a tall Columnaris pine on the other side of the street

Masinagudi Center Peepal

Next to Bandipur and Mudamalai National Parks, the town of Masinagudi has a nice peepal tree in the town center

A Kotagiri Podocarp

A quick photo of a rare coniferous tree- a Podocarp- helped me to put Kotagiri on the map for this project

Longwood Giant Celtis

In the shola montane rainforests of Longwood, near Ooty, a giant native Celtis forest dominates a hillside

The Gum Tree Invader at Longwood

At the entrance to the protected Longwood montane tropical rainforest in the Nilgiri Hills, a Tasmanian blue gum ironically grows over a signboard listing native tree species

A Visitor Cypress from Point Lobos

The rare cypresses of the California coast at Monterey are famous for their picturesque beauty, and one is growing here at the Ooty Botanical Gardens

Landmark Trees of India