Diu Fort Bastion Banyan

Within the half-ruined old Portuguese citadel at Diu island are several lonely trees inclding this banyan tree

Girnar Temples Racemosa

One of several goolar trees encountered on the granite slopes of Girnar mountain, all of them marked as shrines and likely tapping a small source of water within the rock

Sidi Saiyed Living Tree of Life

Besides the famous stone carvings of trees at Ahmedabad’s Sidi Saiyad Mosque, there is also a large and old living tamarind tree

Dead Tree at Wapi

Wapi, on the south Gujarat coast, is famous for its industrial pollution. This dead tree at the train station can serve as a warning and reminder of what that truly means.

Diu Town Beach Gate Hoka

A rare branching African Hoka palm stands guards at one of the gates to the Portuguese Fort of Diu

Diu Rukhda Baobab

A superbly squat, elderly, and elephantine baobab is hidden in the woods near Nagoa beach.

Sidi Saiyad Tree of Life

In central Ahmedabad, at the Masjid built by Sidi Saiyad, there is a famous stone carved screen with a date palm and a spreading tree delicately represented

Kabir Vad Banyan

On a sand island in the Holy Narmada river, the discarded toothbrush twig of the Sage Kabir has grown into one of the world’s broadest trees.

The Walking Mango

Planted by the original Parsi settlers in India, this curious tree has been on the move- it has the unique ability for its branches to take root and crawl along the ground.

Landmark Trees of India