Chowrasta Ti Kouka

You can find this New Zealand oddity of a tree in a central, prominent position at Darjeeling’s central Four-Ways plaza

Red Panda’s Tree

Near the enclosure of the beauitul, bamboo-eating Red Panda of the high Himalaya at the Darjeeling Zoo is a relative of the Sampige tree

Tibetan Wolf’s Tree

This tree is growing just near the zoo habitat of the endangered Tibetan Wolf, which has been successfully bred in captivity here at the Darjeeling Zoo.

Tenzing’s Palm

At the grave of the famous mountaineer Tenzing Norgay, one of the first two people to climb the world’s highest mountain, a palm tree surprisingly grows in the cold and mist of Darjeeling

Darjeeling Zoo Bear Greeting Tree

This berberry tree greets visitors to the Darjeeling Zoo as they enter and immediately approach the habitat of the Himalayan Bear.

Darjeeling Backpacker’s Cryptomeria

As the backpackers in Darjeeling head up the hill to the inexpensive hotel district, they encounter this Japanese Redwood that has had all of its branches cut off.

Landmark Trees of India