Shreya’s Starburst

This water-starburst is the central feature in the courtyard of the enchanting and extensive Calcutta Museum on Chowringhee street

Planetarium Peepal

Near Nehru’s Planetarium and an Indira Gandhi Memorial at the Calcutta Maidans, this impressive peepal tree stands over a busy intersection

Tangra Banyan

The Tangra ‘Chinatown’ area of Calcutta is home to many Chinese immigrants, and this large banyan is visible at a major crossing on South Tangra road.

National Library Banyan

A hulking banyan tree near the National Library in downtown Calcutta serves as a shade tree and a backdrop to a weekend football game

Victorian Privacy Tree

This tree at Victoria Memorial, Calcutta, demonstrates one surprising use for the buttressed trunk- compartments for young couples to snuggle together.

Kasdorf Saraca

A flowering Ashoka tree in the corner of the Victoria Memorial, good for climbing

The B Tree Parkia

A huge Parkia at the left side of the Victoria Memorial, first identified by a resprouting branch and hollow that for the letter “b”

Mimusops Shade

A declining tree, dramatically placed in front of the Victoria Memorial’s reflecting pool

Landmark Trees of India