Brighton Tasmanian Blue Gum

A large Tasmanian Blue Gum- one of the largest species of flowering plant in the world- is growing at an estate on the edges of Almora in the Kumaon Himalaya.

The Gingko at Ranikhet-Kalika

One of the most ancient of all living tree species, Gingko trees have survived the eons in parts of China, and this one has been transported to grow at the arboretum near Ranikhet

Uttarkashi Yoga Witness

On the rooftop on Monal Guest House in Uttarkashi, a banj oak tree offers a picturesque companion to a morning yoga session

Panguchila Ridge Fir

One of the windswept firs on a ridge of Panguchila Peak, with the High Himalaya mountains visible behind.

Laxman Jhula Tree

Prominent next to the Laxman Jhula Bridge in Rishikesh, this peepal tree also also shades a nice restaurant overlooking the Ganga River

Nainital Tall Feather Poplar

The tallest of several trees planted at the head of Naini Tal, this poplar tree is in a central location of a bustling and vibrant holiday hill station.

Queen and King Rhodi

On the trail to the Sunderdhunga Basin in the Nanda Devi Himalayan region, a beautiful grove of ancient rhododendron trees is represented by this exquisite tree.

Almora Ridge Toon

Midway along the snaking ridge-town of Almora in the Kumaon Himalaya, a spectacular Toon tree overlooks the crowded pedestrian bazaar.

The Welcome Tree

On descent from Panguchila Peak, near Kuari Pass, I named one of the first trees to greet the climber returning to a lovely meadow campsite as ‘The Welcome Tree’.

Mandal Oak

In the midst of one of India’s finest remaining Himalayan forests, a clearing has allowed one oak to dominate the area.

Landmark Trees of India