Rishi Banyan

A small sacred peepal tree for the rishi holy men to relax under near the holy Yamuna River

Banshi Bat

Banshi means flute, and under this banyan tree a young Krishna played his music

Monkey Spectacle Snatch Tree

At this peepal spilling over the pathway along the Yamuna Ghats in Vrindavan– be careful! The monkeys love to snatch spectacles, probably because it causes maximum entertaining distress in the humans

Imli Tala

This tree at Vrindavan was was cursed by Krishna’s partner Radha after she cut her foot on a tamarind fruit shard, and now the fruit of this tree never ripens properly.

Kaliya Serpent Tree

Krishna jumped from this very tree into the Yamuna River to fight, subdue, and banish to the Ocean the poisonous, 100-headed, Kaliya Black Serpent

Krishna Kapra Kadamb

In a long distant time, at this tree, a mischevious young Krishna hid the clothes of the gopi cowherd girls while they were swimming

Landmark Trees of India