Nehru ka Neem

A strong anad healthy neem tree at Anand Bhavan, Nehru’s home, provides another reminder of his everlasting impact on India and the world.

Man Mandir Peepal

At Man Singh Ghat in Varanasi, a vibrant peepal tree stretches up next to the solar observatory on the roof of Man Mandir.

Imli Tala

This tree at Vrindavan was was cursed by Krishna’s partner Radha after she cut her foot on a tamarind fruit shard, and now the fruit of this tree never ripens properly.

Okhla Bird Sanctuary Owl Banyan

Okhla Bird Sanctuary on the Yamuna River is a wetland area delightfully rich in bird biodiversity; a banyan tree here is home to a owl which is well-known to the regularly visiting birders

Shaj Jehan Semal

The tallest and largest of the Semal trees just right of the Taj Mahal, the world’s superlative architectural icon.

Kallemullah’s Mango Masterpiece

Kalleemullah, a mango cultivator near Lucknow, has produced a masterpiece with this one mango tree, upon which an astounding 312 varieties of mango have been grafted onto one stem.

Sahni ka Dadoxylon

The Birbal Sahni Paleobotanical Insitute in Lucknow is the largest collection of fossil-plant specialists anywhere in the world, and in the entrance a fossilized Dadoxylon stem stands as a reminder of the world’s long-gone forests.

Allahabad Akshayvat Vriksh

In the corner of Allahabad’s 450 yr old Fort, at the confluence of the Ganga and Yamuna, this sacred immortal tree is just above an buried temple wherein you can experience the underworld.

Sarnath Bodhi

At the Deer Park in Sarnath, a descendant of the Bodhi tree commemorates the location where the Buddha taught his philosophy.

Hanuman’s Mace

The Hanuman’ Mace is a massive, single trunked banyan tree towering above but rarely noticed from the crowded main Dasashvamed Ghat on the Ganga River

Landmark Trees of India