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Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh

Nehru ka Neem

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Image of Tree c016

Bodhi Leaf Nehru ka Neem

A strong anad healthy neem tree at Anand Bhavan, Nehru’s home, provides another reminder of his everlasting impact on India and the world.

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Imli Tala

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Image of Tree a063

Bodhi Leaf Imli Tala

This tree at Vrindavan was was cursed by Krishna’s partner Radha after she cut her foot on a tamarind fruit shard, and now the fruit of this tree never ripens properly.

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Sahni ka Dadoxylon

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Image of Tree c019

Bodhi Leaf Sahni ka Dadoxylon

The Birbal Sahni Paleobotanical Insitute in Lucknow is the largest collection of fossil-plant specialists anywhere in the world, and in the entrance a fossilized Dadoxylon stem stands as a reminder of the world’s long-gone forests.

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Sarnath Bodhi

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Image of Tree c010

Bodhi Leaf Sarnath Bodhi

At the Deer Park in Sarnath, a descendant of the Bodhi tree commemorates the location where the Buddha taught his philosophy.

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Hanuman’s Mace

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Image of Tree c006

Bodhi Leaf Hanuman’s Mace

The Hanuman’ Mace is a massive, single trunked banyan tree towering above but rarely noticed from the crowded main Dasashvamed Ghat on the Ganga River

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