Mathura Rail Station Pipal

A big religiosa fig is just one of the amenities provided at the Mathura rail station on the Yamuna River downstream of Delhi

Rishi Banyan

A small sacred peepal tree for the rishi holy men to relax under near the holy Yamuna River

Banshi Bat

Banshi means flute, and under this banyan tree a young Krishna played his music

Monkey Spectacle Snatch Tree

At this peepal spilling over the pathway along the Yamuna Ghats in Vrindavan– be careful! The monkeys love to snatch spectacles, probably because it causes maximum entertaining distress in the humans

Taj Right Side Replant

The last of the line of often-photographed cypress trees growing before the Taj Mahal has actually just been replaced with a very young sapling.

Giant Banyan of Majhi

This giant banyan hides amonst the mango orchards near Lucknow, and underneath its spreading branches is the tomb of Hanse Baba

The Face of Shiva

A looming grey face, attributed to Shiva, peers out from this banyan at the National Botanical Research Institute,

Casuarina Gate

Two casuarinas have been trained and trimmed together to form an archway, in the opulent gardens of the Small Palace of the Nawab of Lucknow.

Martiniere Jaggery

French adventurer Major General Claude Martin created a rather bizarre, arachitecturally curious, mansion on the outskirts of Lucknow and you can find this nice palm tree there.

Landmark Trees of India