Pondy Bus Stand Yellow Neon Palm

The first of a line of beautiful yellow (plastic) palms leading to the ocean from the bus station. Follow them and you’ll see the Bay of Bengal soon.

Cycad Botanique

A big old cycad represent a living fossil lineage, just near a petrified stump of wood, at Pondicherry Jardin Botanique

Pondicherry Petrified Podocarp

At the Jardin Botanique in an old French Colony, an fragment of a fossilized conifer fossil has been placed upright with smaller pieces of petrified wood

Sacred Heart Salvation Samanea

Across from the Pondicherry railstationt the Sacred Heart Church, this tree grows on the edge of the grotto-cave, next to a Jesus statue.

Jardin Botanique Khaya

A giant African mahogany tree stands near other giants in the Jardin Botanique de Pondecherry.

Landmark Trees of India