A Visitor Cypress from Point Lobos

The rare cypresses of the California coast at Monterey are famous for their picturesque beauty, and one is growing here at the Ooty Botanical Gardens

A Bunya Puzzle for a Monkey

A strange Australian Monkey Puzzle Tree with big gap amongst its branches, growing on the Ooty Botanics lawn.

The Dragon of Lawley Institute

An exclusive British-style club, now an exclusive India club, where the rules of snooker billiards were first recorded, has a lone dragon tree in its front lawns

The Overseer of a Eucalyptus

An Australian Eucalyptus tree grows to massive proportions in the pleasant tropical mountain climate at Ooty’s Botanical Garden, where it is now certainly one of tropical India’s largest trees

Atlas’s Cedar at Ooty

A large Cedar tree at Ooty is from the North African Atlas Mountains, named for the mythological Greek Titan bearing the weight of the world

The Cypress Monster of Ooty

In the busy crossroads market of Ooty’s tourist town centre, a green park is home to a absolutely massive

A Monster of a Monkey Puzzle

A huge Araucaria tree grow in the back of the Ooty Botanical Gardens, a representative of an ancient lineage of conifers which used to dominate the world

Landmark Trees of India