Caiman Banyan

A small banyan in the Caiman crocodile enclosure at the Madras Crocodile Bank

Crocodile Barringtonia

A Barringtonia tree growing in the sidelines of the Madras Crocodile Bank, a reptile zoo established by Rom Whittaker just south of Chennai

Chennai Tsunami Memorial

This false tree fountain at Chennai’s Marine Beach is near a series of paintings remember the Boxing Day Tunami.

The Faraway Tree

At the entrance to The Faraway Tree art gallery, you can find this tree first in a row of trees from far away South America.

Madras Mocha Canopy

At the trendy Mocha cafe in Chennai, this tall tree offers shade, atmosphere, and character to the place.

Blavatsky Baobab

Madame Blavatsky was a Russian psychic who founded the esoterical Theosophical Society, on whose campus you can find this large baobab tree

Theosophical Founder’s Tree

On a lane named after the Founders of the Theosophical Society, this large banyan is smaller but somehow more solid than the more famous Big Banyan just nearby.

IIT Madras Ambassador

One of the large banyans hiding in the woods of the Indian Institute of Technology, this tree has a bench for contemplation, branches to monkey in, and monkeys in the branches contemplating you.

Flag of St Thomas

On top of St Thomas Mount, a banyan tree offers shade for pilgrims to the cave hermitage of the first Christian missionary to India.

Landmark Trees of India