Jodhpur Citadel Walls Banyan

On the high walls of the Jodhpur Fort, a moderate sized banyan is encountered just below the cannons and ramparts

Bishnoi Amuta Tiru

Make sure to look for this young peepal tree amongst the ancient Khejri grove of the Bishnoi tree-crusaders near Jodhpur

Jodhpur Gardens Bauhinia

The recently restored gardens at the Jodhpur Fort are growing into a green and peaceful oasis; this Bauhinia is one of the more noticeable trees there

Bishnoi Memorial Khejri

Three hundred and sixty three Bishnoi people sacrificed themselves to the king’s woodcutters to successfully protect this grove of trees, and in the 400 years since their devotion have inspired generations of ardent treehuggers and nature preservationists

Landmark Trees of India