Ludhiana Sleeper Tree

Sometimes you just are stuck and have to sleep at the train station; I slept under this tree once

Guru’s Resting Banyan

Another tree marking a resting place of a Sikh Guru, this one is a large banyan tree surrounded by rich agricultural fields

1st Reru Sahib Location Marker

Now a stump, it appears that the Gurudwara’s caretakers cut down this ailing tree to expand the Gurudwara, which was actually named after the very same tree.

Reru Sahib Reru Tree

Guru Gobind Singh spent a night at this Reru tree while traveling in the year 1704 AD.

Katana Sahib

Guru Gobind Singh slept beneath this old ber tree. In 1854 a British engineer tried to cut down the tree to move the Gurudwara from planned irrigation works- he was suddenly blinded, the tree spurted blood, and the Gurudwara saved.

Landmark Trees of India