Ram Bagh TreeHouse

A treehouse built on the remants of an old large tree at Ram Bagh, in Amritsar

Ilachi Ber

Under this tree, Guru Arjan used to sit under this tree and watch the digging of the sacred tank.When Mahitab Singh Mirankotia and Sukkha Singh arrived here to liberate the Harimandar from Masse Khan Ranghar, they fastened their horses to this jujube tree before entering the building.

Dukh Bhanjani Ber

Named by Guru Ram Das, the “Eradicator of Suffering” tree is associated with the legend of Bibi Rajani whose husband was cured of leprosy by having a dip the waters of the ancient pond here.

Golden Temple Ber Baba Budha Ji

An old jujube tree where Baba Buddha, entrusted with the supervision of the digging of the tank, used to sit with digging tools for the construction of the Harimandar. A marble platform now surrounds the tree trunk.

JalianWalla Bag Gum Tree

This eucalyptus tree was probably not yet even planted in 1919 when the British army massacred 400 Indian civilians in this walled garden in Amritsar

Landmark Trees of India