Gupteshwar Kolab Gateway Arjun

This picturesque Arjuna tree stands above the rock entrance to the large pool on the Kolab River, near the Gupteshwar Cave

Madhumati Traveller’s Palm

A picturesque spreading Traveller’s Palm can be found at the lovely Madhumati Heritage Hotel, near the Jeypore Palace

Konark Mango

A mango tree grows just near the wheels of the Sun Chariot Temple at Konark, offering a shady resting space to the pilgrims and tourists visiting these amazing ruins.

The Mad Science Cactus Ambassador

At the Regional Plant Resource Center’s giant cactus collection, this small individual represents the mass of weird little cactus plants grafted into chimeras

The Juggernaut

At the famous and important Jagganath Temple in Puri, a large banyan grows at the main entrance of the temple compound.

Gupteshwar Papaya

At the entrance to Orissa’s sacred Gupteshwar Cave is a prominent papaya

Konark Sun Chariot Banyan

A large banyan tree grows immediately next to the Konark Sun Temple, one of the most extravagant and famous of all of India’s temples.

Landmark Trees of India