Midnight Snack Stop Melia

A tree spotted picturesquely lit above the buses at a midnight snack stop between Orissa and West Bengal.

Dhauli Pistach

The tallest tree growing near the memorial at the battlefield where Emperor Ashoka renounced violence and adopted Buddhism

Dhauli Tulsi

This tulsi plant grows at the Hindu temple that is ironically placed at the location where the Emperor Ashoka, more than 2,000 years ago, rejected Hinduism and adopted Buddhism, ushering in a reign stiill remembered for its wisdom

Near and Dear Warning Ficus

A warning on this fig tree tells coupling visitors at the Bhubaneshwar Botanical Gardens that if they are caught being inappropriately intimate, their photographs will be posted on the internet for their ‘near and dears’ to view

Octopus Bamboo

A grove of bamboo hides that strange cryptozoological curiosity- the Tree Octopus!

Chilika Approach Banyan

A lone banyan tree visible from the roadside, to the right, as you travel south towards Satpada to visit Chilika Lake in coastal Orissa

Landmark Trees of India