Lower Police Bazaar Rubber Tree

When you are passing through the lower parts of Shillong’s Police Bazaar, make sure to say hello to this rubber tree growing at the Lion’s Club Park


One of the Khasi pines at NorthEastern Hill University

Pinewoods Bunya Pine

A tall Bunya Bunya Pine from the northeast coast of Australia grows on the lawns at the heritage Pinewood hotel on a hilltop in downtown Shillong

A Shillong Podocarp

You can chase this multi-trunked coniferous tree in the upper corner of the Shillong Botanicals, near the dam for Ward Lake

Shillong Botanical Schima

Alarge Meghalayan forest tree can be found in the Botanical Gardens in downtown Shillong, beneath Ward’s Lake

The Start of NEHU Botanical Garden

This young magnolia tree from the Southern United States will one day be the elder specimen of the Botanical Gardens at NorthEastern Hill University

Landmark Trees of India