David Scott Pear Tree

Midway on the David Scott trail in the central gorges of Meghalaya, this picturesque pear tree in flower overlooks a river crossing

The River Rock Root Complex

A group of several living root bridges formed by rubber trees meets at a huge boulder in the midst of a ravine on the cliffs of Meghalaya, where giant waterfalls and racing rivers rush down towards Bangladesh

The Longest Root Bridge

The longest of Meghalaya’s fantastic living root bridges, made by patiently guiding the roots of a rubber tree across a ravine

Nohkalikai Falls Pandanus

Look for this Pandanus screw-pine growing above the world’s fourth tallest waterfall, Nohkalikai, on the south cliffs of Meghalaya

Cement Cave Caryota

At Cherrapunjee, a cement factory is inadvertently and irrevocably destroying an ancient limestone cave beneath it. This fishtail palm grows near the cave entrance where water flows in.

Ummunoi Root Bridge

The most-often visited of the Cherrapunjee Living Tree Bridges is reachable by a steep trail below the ecotourism nexus at Cherrapunjee Resort.

The Start of NEHU Botanical Garden

This young magnolia tree from the Southern United States will one day be the elder specimen of the Botanical Gardens at NorthEastern Hill University

Shillong Police Bazaar Pine

At the central roundabout of Police Bazaar in Shillong’s downtown is one small and easily overlooked New Caledonian Araucaria

The Double Decker Root Bridge

Truly a unique accomplishment in the world, the roots of this rubber tree have been patiently guided by the Khasi people to form a sturdy, two-level bridge over a steep canyon.

Landmark Trees of India