A Short Root Bridge

One small example of the living root bridges of Meghalaya, formed by training the roots of a rubber tree across a creek

Wire Anchor Tree

A Meghalayan rubber tree at the end of a highwire bridge across one of the marvellous gorges below Cherrapunjee

Cherrapunjee Resort Jackfruit

Tthis tree marks the location of Cherrapunjee Resort, where the owners have been instrumental in promoting the unique living tree bridges of the region as ecotourism destinations

The River Rock Root Complex

A group of several living root bridges formed by rubber trees meets at a huge boulder in the midst of a ravine on the cliffs of Meghalaya, where giant waterfalls and racing rivers rush down towards Bangladesh

The Longest Root Bridge

The longest of Meghalaya’s fantastic living root bridges, made by patiently guiding the roots of a rubber tree across a ravine

Nohkalikai Falls Pandanus

Look for this Pandanus screw-pine growing above the world’s fourth tallest waterfall, Nohkalikai, on the south cliffs of Meghalaya

Cement Cave Caryota

At Cherrapunjee, a cement factory is inadvertently and irrevocably destroying an ancient limestone cave beneath it. This fishtail palm grows near the cave entrance where water flows in.

Landmark Trees of India