Gandhi Rain Tree

At Aga Khan, a memorial to Gandhi’s life and influence is an important feature at an estate where he was once imprisoned.

Pune Botanix Branching Cycad

A branching cycad offers an interesting glimpse into the ancient lineage of conifers at the Pune University Botanical Gardens.

The Circus Palm

A coconut palm frames a view of the Circus grounds on the riverbanks in central Pune.

Sinhagad Fort Monitor

Below one of the communication towers on the rocky plateau of Sinhagad Fort, this tree is named after the Marathi general Tanaji’s 1670 capture of the fort, with the aid of a trained monitor lizard which climbed the ramparts and set a rope in place.

Osho Sandal Merchant Bel

Near the Osho Ashram in Pune, and across the street from the yummy German Bakery, visitors to the Ashram can buy sandals underneath this bel tree.

Aga Khan Delonix

At Aga Khan, where Gandhi was imprisoned by the British, a towering Golmohur tree stands above the entranceway to the mansion.

Shaniwar Wada Gateway

At the Shaniwar Wada Fort in Pune, a big, well decorated banyan grows over the tomb of Hazrat Sayyad Shah

Landmark Trees of India