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Kailashnath Neem

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Image of Tree d042

Bodhi Leaf Kailashnath Neem

This big neem tree is passed by countless visitors to the ornate Kailashnath temple at Cave 16, the crown jewel in the Ellora rock-cut caves complex in Maharahstra.

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Sai Baba Neem

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Image of Tree d039

Bodhi Leaf Sai Baba Neem

The renowned Shri Sai Baba, a holy man of Maharashtra, used to meditate under this neem tree which now stands in an elaborate temple complex devoted to his teachings.

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Panchavati 1-5

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Image of Tree d038

Bodhi Leaf Panchavati 1-5

Ram and Sita, legendary heroes of Hindustan, once spent an evening beneath these five banyan trees, now a pilgrimage site in Nashik.

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The Colaba Rain Tree

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Image of Tree d001

Bodhi Leaf The Colaba Rain Tree

A Central American Rain Tree offers a fantastic canopy in the very pulsing heart of Mumbai, shading the steps of the Modern Art musuem. Someone has spraypainted an advertisment for “Bean Bags”

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