Cobra’s Hood Flag

In the basalt peaks above Mumbai, the precipitous Cobra’s Hood is crowned by a single tree

Mumbai University Amherstia

At the old Fort campus of Mumbai University, one of the most celebrated of all flower plants- the lovely Amherstia- is in good health and thriving.

The SenTree of Mumbai

This flagship tree for the Mumbai University’s Tree Appreciation classes book ‘Sentrees of Mumbai’ has unfortunately had its magnficent drapery of roots cut recently

Parsee Plumeria

Near the Parsi well sacred site by Churchgate Station, this lovely Plumeria tree serves as a nice storage site for the Maidan sportsfield gardener’s tools.

Queen Victoria Terminus Palms

A pair of stately Royal Palms add some greenery to Mumbai’s imposing and beautiful Victoria Terminus -now Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus- the starting location for India’s railway network.

Stock Exchange Surrogate

Just down the street from the current site, the Mumbai Stock Exchange began under a tree at Horniman Circle, and while this original one is gone, this impressive banyan next to a public fountain serves as a fine surrogate

Gateway Banyan

A banyan tree at the park near the Gateway of India was witness to the fires at the Taj Hotel, and to the endless stream of tourists coming to the site.

BNHS tree

This tree is at the entrance to the Bombay Natural History Society, one of the oldest and most influential of India’s many environmental organizations.

Lonar Meteorite Crater Temple Neem

When a meteor slammed into the basal landscape of central India only 50,000 years ago, it gouged out a massive crater, now filled with an alkaline lake, where you can find this neem tree growing near a small temple.

Daulatabad Gate Spathodea

A lovely flowering African Tulip tree at the lowest gateway of Tughlak’s superbly defended Daulatabd Fort, perched high on a granite mountain.

Landmark Trees of India