Rani Bagh Gateway Baobab

A plump baobab at the entrance of Rani Bagh, greeting visitors to the zoo and botanical gardens.

Rani Bagh Cannonball

One of the strangely decorated Cannonball trees planted around Mumbai, this tree is a tall and striking specimen at Rani Bagh.

Rani Bagh Melaleuca

A huge Australian tea-tree, of superb branching form, is growing at the Queen’s Garden, Mumbai.

The Rain Cave

Just behind the Hanging Gardens at Malabar Hill, this sprawling rain tree has a cave in its trunk, and serving as a small shrine.

Rani Bagh Great Rain Tree

At the Queen Victoria Garden, this rain tree exhibits an amazing crown spread, dominating the center of the park like no other tree.

The Peepal at Narriman

At the end of a long line of trees planted along Marine Drive, the most dramatic, exciting, and romantic stretch of road in India

Synagogue Miner Figs

One of many small Ficus saplings growing in the structure of the Jewish Synagogue

Karin’s Casuarina

One of a handful of Casuarina trees growing in the sands of downtown Mumbai’s much-loved and picturesque Chowpatty Beach.

Tata’s No-Dogs Inspiration Miner

At the crumbling old British-exclusive Watson’s Hotel, where Jamshedji Tata, the Parsee Indian industrialist, once saw a sign saying “No Dogs or Indians Allowed”, a banyan tree is doing its part to destroy this legacy building. His hotel, built on the waterfront, is now the world famous Taj, symbol of Indian pride and independence

Kipling’s Twisty Coconut

The Nobel Prize winning author Rudyard Kipling’s childhood home is on the grounds of the JJ Art School near this twisty, bending coconut tree

Landmark Trees of India