Indigo Deli Bodhi

The finest deli in India for good sandwiches is just near the Gateway of India in Mumbai, and just next door in an abandoned property is a peepal tree growing in rubble

Brihanmumbai Mahanagar Palika Peepal

One of the first sights visible when exiting Victoria Terminus is this large peepal tree growing near the beautiful building of the Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation

Dharavi Aiyiyyappa Banyan

A sacred Banyan in Mumbai’s famous Dharavi Slum holds a shrine maintained by the Aiyiyyappa Devotees Committee

Emperor Wingnut

A giant Padouk tree at Aurora Cinema is part of Mumbai University’s Tree Appreciation Course

Mazgaon Branching Palm

Branching palm species are very rare, and you can see one of India’s only specimens at Mazgaon Hill in Mumbai.

Clocktower KailashPati

Inside the Fort campus of University of Mumbai in the centre of the city, this tree is growing beneath the clocktower, prominently in view from the Maidans.

Rani Bagh Cannonball

One of the strangely decorated Cannonball trees planted around Mumbai, this tree is a tall and striking specimen at Rani Bagh.

Rani Bagh Melaleuca

A huge Australian tea-tree, of superb branching form, is growing at the Queen’s Garden, Mumbai.

The Rain Cave

Just behind the Hanging Gardens at Malabar Hill, this sprawling rain tree has a cave in its trunk, and serving as a small shrine.