Kamala Nehru Giant Bodhi Tree

Mount Abu’s heritage Jaipur Inn stands on a rocky hill above the town lake, and in its well tended green gardens is this strong fig tree

Marine Drive Greeting Barringtonia

This is the first of the young Barringtonias encountered as you approach Marine Drive from Churchgate Station in Mumbai, and it will unfortunately be many years before it and its siblings offer any substantial shade to the promenade

Flora Fountain Leaning Thespesia

Flora Fountain is a British-era landmark in the center of Mumbai’s busiest district, and nearby is a sprawling old Thespesia

Sir JJ Art School FlowerGate

At the entrance to the JJ School of Art, a creative oasis in downtown Mumbai, is a tree decorated with a large and cheerful sunflower

Fashion Market Shrine

In Mumbai, along the streetside Fashion Market is a large banyan tree with a shrine within it.

Taj Memorial Plumeria

Inside the Taj Hotel, this plumeria tree grows next to a memorial for the victims of the 26 November 2008 attacks in Mumbai

Gateway Vivekenanda Semal

At the Gateway of India, at a statue of Vivekenanda, the guru of Hinduism to the Western World, there is a large semal tree.

Ambassador Pipal

On the walk from Churchgate to Marine Drive, a large peepal tree on the left foreshadows the Ambassador Hotel

Landmark Trees of India