Emerald Clock Palm

Near the clocktower in central Ujjain, a green neon palm tree stands amidst the whirling traffic.

Kotisthata Starburst

This minimally tree-shaped fountain is part of a water fountain at the centre of the world, Mahakaleshwar.

Ram Ghat Trident

At the busy and crowded riverbanks in Ujjain, three trees grow dramatically together.

Astrologer’s Transit Tree

In the holy city of Ujjain, the centerpoint of the Hindu study of the stars, a neem tree is prominent at the Jantar Mantar solar observatory, one of five astronomical installations throughout India established by Man Singh.

Mahakal Vriksh Triveni

At the Mahakaleshwar temple in Ujjain, the centre of the world and the site of a Jyotirlinga, a Vriksh Triveni is prominent in one corner- a fusion of a neem, banyan and peepal tre.


One of India’s most sacred trees, this isolated fragment stem of a once-larger banyan (Vat) marks the straight (Siddha) path.

Landmark Trees of India