Blue Sky TreeHouse

A cafe near the Khajuraho temples has arranged a lovely treehouse, with a view into the World Heritage complex.

Khajuraho Parrot Roost

In the centre of new Khajuraho town, this tree is a major parrot roosting site. Each evening the area is engulfed by thousands of parrots coming in to spend the night.

Scindia Silver Palm

In the opulent palace of Gwalior’s Scindia royal family, this beautiful Silver Palm is actually a table decoration, one object amongst countless extravagances.

The Other Baobab

Just a few kilometers distant from the amazing Mallanimli Baobab – which locals say is the only tree of its kind in the world — is another immediately recognizable Baobab!

Ram Ghat Trident

At the busy and crowded riverbanks in Ujjain, three trees grow dramatically together.

Baz Bahadur’s Baobab

Amongst Sultan Bahadur’s palaces ruined by the Mughals, this is one of the most spectacular of the baobabs planted high on this rocky plateau

Sunset Semal

During one glorious sunset by the lake in the centre of Panchmarhi Hill Station, I nearly fell off my pushbike when I saw this monstrous semal tree lurking there.

Mahadeo Mango

Near the Mahadeo shrine tucked deep into a sandstone crack in the Satpura Range, this giant mango offers a perch for the monkeys waiting to steal snacks from the pilgrims.

Reechgarh Monarch

Up in the Saptura Range, in the sandstone canyon of Reechgarh, a jamun tree dominates a quiet grotto.