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Bouncing Banyan

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Image of Tree c059

Bodhi Leaf Bouncing Banyan

At Pachmarhi, I came across a dozen kids bouncing on an extremely long branch from this tree. Perhaps 20 meters long, it offered a great bouncing toy for me and several screaming young boys.

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Sunset Semal

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Image of Tree c056

Bodhi Leaf Sunset Semal

During one glorious sunset by the lake in the centre of Panchmarhi Hill Station, I nearly fell off my pushbike when I saw this monstrous semal tree lurking there.

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Mahadeo Mango

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Image of Tree c052

Bodhi Leaf Mahadeo Mango

Near the Mahadeo shrine tucked deep into a sandstone crack in the Satpura Range, this giant mango offers a perch for the monkeys waiting to steal snacks from the pilgrims.

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Chauragarh Trisul

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Image of Tree c053

Bodhi Leaf Chauragarh Trisul

On the summit of the dramatic sandstone peak of Chauragarh, this spindly semal tree is surrounded by countless metal tridents brought up by devotees of Shiva

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