Vanuvasi Dhak

At a recently restored temple in the corner of Orchha river island, this young Dhak tree is a growing piece of the beautiful Orchha heritage.

Laxmi Girls Tree

On the outskirts of Orchha town, this big banyan tree near a Laxmi temple is said to bring luck to young girls

Burnt Peepal

At some point, this peepal tree at Orchha survived a fire which hollowed out a portion of the trunk.

The Other Baobab

Just a few kilometers distant from the amazing Mallanimli Baobab – which locals say is the only tree of its kind in the world — is another immediately recognizable Baobab!

Orchha Palace Banyan

A spreading banyan at the gates of the Orchha Palaces is dwarved by their architectual immensity


One of the most spectacular trees in India, a monstrously proportioned giant African Baobab standing in a field near Orccha, reputedly planted by the Maharaja Bir Singh Deo almost 500 years ago.

Landmark Trees of India