Abdullah’s Tomb Flag

Like a flag on a hill, this tree at a small Sufi tomb is visible throughout western Mandu.

Hindola Swinging Khirni

At the Swinging Palace, at the wonderfully opulent Ship’s Palace at Mandu, this old khirni tree offers some shade to archeological explorers.

Baobab with Baby

Strangely, this baobab at Mandu seems to have a small, unleaved branch sprouting from its roots.

Big Bye Bye Baobab

Perhaps the largest of the several large baobab’s at Mandu, this tree looms over a small farmfield on the plateau.

Baz Bahadur’s Baobab

Amongst Sultan Bahadur’s palaces ruined by the Mughals, this is one of the most spectacular of the baobabs planted high on this rocky plateau