Emerald Clock Palm

Near the clocktower in central Ujjain, a green neon palm tree stands amidst the whirling traffic.

Kotisthata Starburst

This minimally tree-shaped fountain is part of a water fountain at the centre of the world, Mahakaleshwar.

Abdullah’s Tomb Flag

Like a flag on a hill, this tree at a small Sufi tomb is visible throughout western Mandu.

Hindola Swinging Khirni

At the Swinging Palace, at the wonderfully opulent Ship’s Palace at Mandu, this old khirni tree offers some shade to archeological explorers.

Baobab with Baby

Strangely, this baobab at Mandu seems to have a small, unleaved branch sprouting from its roots.

Big Bye Bye Baobab

Perhaps the largest of the several large baobab’s at Mandu, this tree looms over a small farmfield on the plateau.

Broken Branch Baobab

At Mandu, this big old baobab near an old palace has recently lost a big branch.

Bouncing Banyan

At Pachmarhi, I came across a dozen kids bouncing on an extremely long branch from this tree. Perhaps 20 meters long, it offered a great bouncing toy for me and several screaming young boys.

Indore Rail Tree

This tree is a prominent landmark on the railtracks in central Indore.

Pachmari Bander Samasya

A stout, spreading, and sharp tree from Australia, misidentified as a monkey puzzle by the garden staff.

Landmark Trees of India