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Accamma’s Tree at Koshy’s

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Image of Tree k003

Bodhi Leaf Accamma’s Tree at Koshy’s

Prem Koshy, owner of Koshy’s cafe in downtown Bangalore,saved this Mahagony tree just out front. He successfully fought its illegal destruction and has named it in honour of a woman named Accamma, who lived beneath it for 40 years.

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Ancient Nallur Tamarind

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Bodhi Leaf Ancient Nallur Tamarind

This botanical marvel, almost one thousand years old with root sprouts, lightning scars, rooting branches, and strange hollows, is likely the gnarliest, twistiest, strangest tamarind tree on the planet.

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Vitthala Chariot Tree

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Bodhi Leaf Vitthala Chariot Tree

This wonderfully wizened tree stands just around the corner from the famous Stone Chariot at Vitthala Temple, in the surreal granitic boulder landscape of Hampi

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