Vijay Nagar Wishing Tree

At the granitic riverside in what used to be the grand Vijay Capitol, a big banyan holds many peoples wishes and prayers in the form of cloths, strings, letters, and decorations.

Coracle Peepal

This large peepal, with a shrine, is on the way to Vitthala Temple at Hampi, and is named after the small round coracle boats that are used on the river there.

Banyan of the 2nd Quality

At Hampi’s Elephant Stables, upon asking the coconut vendor which tree this was, I was given the surprising answer that it was a banyan of ‘the second quality’

Rain of Lost Riches

This rain tree above the coracle landing can remind us that Vijaynagar- now a modest tourist town- used to be a fabulously wealthy city, with riches cascading like rain.

Mowgli Imli

You can have lovely meals, great drinks, and watch the sunset over the rice paddies of Hampi will sitting in the shade of the tamarind tree at Mowgli Guest House.

The Mango Tree Restaurant

You can have a yummy thali and coconut juice at this restaurant, shaded by a large mango tree hiding in the fields near Hampi.

Rain of Boulderers

This rain tree can be found in the corner of the rice fields of the “other side”, where every morning the rock climbing boulderers go out to practice their gravity-defying yoga.

Vitthala Chariot Tree

This wonderfully wizened tree stands just around the corner from the famous Stone Chariot at Vitthala Temple, in the surreal granitic boulder landscape of Hampi

Landmark Trees of India