Shivganga Summit Flag

A small, straggling Ficus tree on the summit of Shivganga, decorated with bangles and witness to countless monkey-human food-grab interactions

Granite Theatre Split Rock

In a natural granite amipitheatre on the slopes of the dramatic Shivganga Hill, a Ficus tree splits open a ancient boulder

Hosaholalu Tree

This South American tree is the sole arboreal decoration at an ornate and intricate Hoysala temple

Bangalore Rail Naggakal

At a Hanuman temple around the corner from the Bangalore trainstation can be found this small twisted tree

CentrePoint Rain Tree

A colossal rain tree-possibly two fused individuals- near Bangalore Central Mall, supposedly the centerpoint of Bangalore.

Bangalore Twin Trumpet Trees

Two twin Tabebuia trees grow solidly, and prominently, in the Cubbon Park in downtown Bangalore, just near an exposed formation of granite

Bangalore Majestic Religiosa

Near the busy and efficient Majestic Bus Stand, a temple in the middle of a crowded intersection is home to a striking Religiosa fig

Savanadurga Shade Tree

A stout tree, the largest on Savanadurga mountain, in a shady grove just beneath the summit

Nallur Neem Pipal Pair

A neem and peepal growing together, representing a married couple, and like others in the region, given seral Nagakal snake stones by parents hoping for children

Landmark Trees of India