Paajaka Kshetra Pipal

The teacher of dualistic Hinduism , Madhyacharya, was born at Paajaka Kshetra where you can find this old peepal tree

Highway 69 Warning Banyan

A few minutes after happily surviving a motorcycle crash mostly unscathed, my friend and I were glad to have finally returned to Highway 69 where we encountered this banyan

Yana WindCave Tree

The caves at Yana limestone spires are actually wonderfully twisted ravines through the rock mass, and this tree catches the wind at the entrance to one of the holy sites

Om Beach Center Trees

At the lovely Gokarna Beach named Om after its shape, a small tree decorates the rock at the center of the beach.

Om Beach Lonely Date Palm

At Gokarna’s Om Beach, look to the left on the rocky headland and you will see a single date palm standing alone

Karwar Riverside Rain Tree

When travelling south from Goa into Karnataka, as you cross the Kali River at Karwar, look over to the right side of the bridge to see a massive rain tree

Landmark Trees of India