Dolerite Mahua

A bulky Mahua tree, on the side of Tagore Hill, a dolerite rock outcrop on the edge of Ranchi

Ranchi Museum Shisham

At the Ranchi Museum, this well-sized and attractive Shisham tree offers shade to the entrance

Tagore Hill Flag

A frangipani tree dramatically crowns the crest of Tagore Hill in Ranchi

Vivekenanda Mimusops

Near a small museum recording the international Hindu outreach of Swami Vivekananda, this tree offers shade to people queuing for the small hospital there

Kalpataru 1-3

These three baobabs at the entrance to Doranda college were incorrectly reported to be rare members of the Kalpavrish, of which only nine exist India. Fortunately, there are many more baobabs than just nine.

Zodiac Trees

At Nakshatra Park in Ranchi, these 24 trees planted radially represent different astrological divisions throughout the year

Landmark Trees of India