Below the Palace

One of Leh’s larger trees is a poplar tucked up against the steep hillside leading to the old city Palace

Masjid Greeting

A willow tree watches over a busy market street at the mosque in Leh, Ladakh’s capitol city.

Leh Polo Ground CornerPost

At the large open polo ground in Leh, an upright tree in the corner fails to offer enough shade in the harsh mountain sun

The Crazy Zen Tree

This impressively resprouted willow tree- one of the largest in Leh- grows near Shanti Stupa through the walls of the Zen Restaurant

Datun Miswak Sahib

The oldest and largest tree in the high-altitude city of Leh is an incredible poplar that was planted by the Sikh Guru Nanak Singh during his travels.

Landmark Trees of India