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Lansdowne’s Heritage Plane

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Image of Tree j016

Bodhi Leaf Lansdowne’s Heritage Plane

Behind the Viceregal Lodge is a Chinnar tree planted by Henry Charles Keith Petty-Fitzmaurice, 5th Marquess of Lansdowne, who was the fifth Governor General of Canada, Viceroy of India from 1888-1894, and British Secretary of State for War

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Shimla Mall Anchor

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Bodhi Leaf Shimla Mall Anchor

Near the Himachal Pradesh Government Buildings, at one end of the lovely pedestrian Mall in Shimla, there is a double trunked oak tree offering a lovely shade to those resting on the benches beneath.

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Craignano Chinar

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Image of Tree t003

Bodhi Leaf Craignano Chinar

This old British estate is now run by the Forest Department as a resthouse, and a Kashmiri Chinnar tree of lovely proportions can be found there

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