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Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh

Sipur Tower

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Image of Tree t004

Bodhi Leaf Sipur Tower

This is the largest tree at the Sipur sacred Deodar Cedar grove below Mashobra; with four connected trunks it is a striking and massive monarch of the forest

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Triund Oak

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Image of Tree t002

Bodhi Leaf Triund Oak

Trekkers who make it up to the dramatic crest of Triund plateau will find this old oak tree perched on the edge of the slopes.

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The Viceroy

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Image of Tree j015

Bodhi Leaf The Viceroy

Behind the former Viceregal Lodge in Shimla is a grand oak tree festooned with ferns and moss, under the British rulers of India would have sat while governing the most prized territory of their extensive empire.

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Rare Tree Chinnar

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Image of Tree j011

Bodhi Leaf Rare Tree Chinnar

At the main plaza of the Mall in Shimla, on the watershed divide between the Ganga and the Indus rivers, you can find this sycamore tree from Asia Minor well signposted as “Rare Tree Chinar”

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