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Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh

Lahaul Dabah Willow

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Image of Tree t020

Bodhi Leaf Lahaul Dabah Willow

This tree grows next to the bridge over the icy Lahaul River, near a small cluster of teashops serving the intrepid travellers crossing through this remote, icy, and largely uninhabited glacial valley

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A Kullu Elm

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Bodhi Leaf A Kullu Elm

In one of the green valleys stemming from the Kullu River, a large elm tree can be spotted perched next to a stream

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Craignano Chinar

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Bodhi Leaf Craignano Chinar

This old British estate is now run by the Forest Department as a resthouse, and a Kashmiri Chinnar tree of lovely proportions can be found there

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