Uparkot Gate Banyan

A banyan near the entrance to the Uparkot fort at Junagadh, near Girnar Mountain.

Navghan Kuvo Stepwell Pipal Sprout

A small ficus tree is sprouting in the stoneworks at one the oldest and deepest stepwells cut deep into the earth at Junagadh’s Uparkot fort.

Girnar Bangles Tree

At the stat of the trail to the top of Girnar mountain, countless women’s bangles decorate a small Thevetia tree

Cold Drinks Girnar Goolar

As one climbs the massive granite Girnar mountain in Gujarat, a stop for some cold sugary drinks is a temptation hard to resist

Junagadh Darga Neem

At the main intersection of Junagadh is a Sufi shrine with a broad neem tree shading it.

Junagadh Maqbara Banyan Sprout

Thtreatening the dome crowning Junagadh;s gloriously ornate and spiral-woven Maqbara tomb is a small banyan tree sprouting in a crack

Girnar Temples Racemosa

One of several goolar trees encountered on the granite slopes of Girnar mountain, all of them marked as shrines and likely tapping a small source of water within the rock

Landmark Trees of India