Patang Ruins Pipal

Near the riverside in Ahmedabad and nearby the Patang tower, old, overgrowned ruined buildings offer both welcome green cover and a home for this peepal tree.

Patang Corner Ailanthus

At a busy intersection beneath the Patang Tower on the Ahmedabad Riverside, a large Ailanthus tree stands still amidst the motorized traffic

Hatkeshwar Mandir Oleander

A small temple in the center of Ahmedabad Old Town has a thriving Yellow Oleander tree next to the inner sanctum

Sidi Saiyed Living Tree of Life

Besides the famous stone carvings of trees at Ahmedabad’s Sidi Saiyad Mosque, there is also a large and old living tamarind tree

Sidi Saiyad Tree of Life

In central Ahmedabad, at the Masjid built by Sidi Saiyad, there is a famous stone carved screen with a date palm and a spreading tree delicately represented

Landmark Trees of India