Bonsai National Park Pilkhan

Tucked away in a corner of Lodhi Gardens in Delhi is the Bonsai National Park, and this sixty year old tree is one of the most impressive of the diminutive trees there

India Habitat Center Tall Tree

India Habitat Centre is a cultural and environmental hub, and in its shady courtyards, this is the tallest of the fishtail palms growing towards the geometric sunshade roof

Deer Park Pilkhan

Near the Deer Park at Hauz Khas Village in South Delhi, a old pilkhan tree is the best-tended of all the trees

Nehru’s Shade Tree

Prime Minister Nehru Ji loved to sit in the shade of this Laburnum tree in the back yard of his residence at Teen Murti Bhavan

Hauz Khas Imli

An old and gnarly Imli can be found above the large watertank pool, amongst the ancient Muslim university ruins and art galleries of Hauz Khas in South Delhi.

Lodhi River Red Gum

At the green and spacious Lodhi Gardens in the heart of New Delhi, a huge Murray River Red Gum from the interior of Australia spreads its branches out wide.

Four Thirty Ficus

If you imagine Connaught Place, Delhi’s commercial hub, as a clockdial, then at 4:30 you can find this large and healthy bodhi tree, the largest remaining tree in the area.

Landmark Trees of India