Delhi FRRO Smashup Tree

It seems fitting that there would be a broken car, moving nowhere, near the dreaded Foreigners Registration Office

JNU Holi Amaltas

During the colorful revelrie of the Hindu holiday of Holi, my friends and I at Jawarhalal Nehru University encountered this Amaltas tree offering scant shade.

Hauz Khas Corner Peepal

A large religiosa fig is the largest tree to be found in the gardens at Hauz Khas Madrasa in South Delhi.

Chandni Chowk Garden Peepal

A large peepal tree graces a garden near Chandni Chowk, the central historical shopping street of Mughal Old Delhi

Tughuk Ailanthus

In the ruins of the eight-hundred-year-old Tughluk military fort, this Ailanthus tree thrives amidst the crumbling rocks and ruins

South Extension Semal

South Extension is one of Delhi’s most posh shopping areas, and in the crowded parking lot, a tall semal trees stands tall ro remind us of the natural world

Mehrauli Jain Mandir Neem

At the shining white marble gardens of the Dadabari Jain Mandir, near the 800-year-old resting place of Guru Jinchanda Suruswarji Maharaj, a neem tree offers a green contrast to the bright stones

Lodhi Burly Mango

A big, diseased mango with large wooden burls, near the Bara Gumbad at Lodhi Gardens

India Gate Banyan

The largest tree near the India Gate- once a British War Memorial but now a symbol of Indian independence

Landmark Trees of India