Ajapala Nigrodha Tree

It is no longer present, but a pillar ay the Sri MahaBodhi Temple in Gaya marks the location of the tree under which Buddha spent the fifth week following enlightenment teaching about the equality of humanity

Rajgir Giant Banyan

In the holy Buddhist and Jain town of Rajgir, a massive fig tree guards the entrance to the rocky hills

Golghar Tree

In the Bihar capitol city, a curious rounded grain storage silo, built by the British is nearby to a banyan with a Shiva temple.

Rajayatna Tree Surrogate at Bodh Gaya

Another ancient and immense Bodhi Tree next to the place where Gautama gained enlightenment, this tree can serve as a surrogate of the Rajayatna tree, under which the Buddha meditated following his epiphany

Nalanda University 8-Date

A strange, eight-branching mutant date palm can be found at the ruins of one of the world’s first universities, the Buddhist school of Nalanda

The Bodhi Tree

The world’s most famous pilgrim tree, this marks the location where the Buddha attained enlightenment, and is the destination for the Buddhism’s most important pilgrimage.

Landmark Trees of India