Gangabaoli Pahar Flag

On the ancient granite boulders of Gangabaoli, Hyderabad, an old imli tree grows between huge rocks, where children go to fly kites and adults go to watch the sun set.

Secret Lake FakeRock Cafe

At Secret Lake, a small tourist attraction near Hyderabad’s Cyber City, there is a cafe made of plastic rocks with a plastic tree inside.

Char Minar Peepal

A peepal tree within sighting distance of Hyderabad’s central Four Towers landmark, Char Minar.

Golconda Painter’s Neem

Just below the top of Hyderabad’s Golconda Fort, this neem tree is next to several wonderfully colorful rock paintings of Hindu deities.

The Clapping Portico Mast Tree

At the entrance to Hyderabad’s Golconda Fort, this tree grows next to the famous Clapping Portico, where the news of visitor’s arrival to the king’s fortress could be transmitted with a strong clap.

Osmania Lifesaver

This tamarind has a special role in Hyderabad’s history: in 1908, when the River Musi flooded, 150 people clung to its branches for two days and survived. The River is now a “stinking drain.”

Jubilee Hills Fairy Tale Tree

This banyan tree, first identified by the Society to Save Rocks in Hyderabad, is cracking open a massive granite boulder in an amazing way.

Elephant’s Hathion ka Baobab

A most magnificent, immense baobab tree on the outskirts of Hyderabad’s Golconda Fort offers the full experience for any landmark tree: you can climb on to the branches, go inside of it’s hollow trunk, stand next to it, gawk at it, and relax under it.

Landmark Trees of India