Inner Line Permit Poplar

This poplar tree offers some shade to the foreigners queuing to get an Inner-line permit into the restricted mountain border region

Panchen Lama Populus

At the Tibetan Buddhist Temple at McLeod Ganj, this poplar tree has a yellow prayer ribbon tied on it every Friday since April 1997, to pray for the release of the Panchen Lama, born in 1989 and lost track of in China in 1995

Alchi Demon Tree

A demon mask accentuates an old and broadly branching tree at the small trinket market at Alchi, Ladakh

NorLa Bridge

A poplar tree is passed on the highway-side of the Indus river footbridge at Nor La.

Below the Palace

One of Leh’s larger trees is a poplar tucked up against the steep hillside leading to the old city Palace

Leh Polo Ground CornerPost

At the large open polo ground in Leh, an upright tree in the corner fails to offer enough shade in the harsh mountain sun

Koksar Doc Check Poplar

Foreigners travelling on the Manali-Leh road are required to register with the police at the town of Koksar, and this tree is one of the few trees to be spotted on this high-altitude journey

Landmark Trees of India