Victoria’s Chinnar

Behind the magnificent ViceRegal Lodge in Shimla, a large Chinnar tree in the garden represents Queen Victoria and her once-extensive empire.

Lansdowne’s Heritage Plane

Behind the Viceregal Lodge is a Chinnar tree planted by Henry Charles Keith Petty-Fitzmaurice, 5th Marquess of Lansdowne, who was the fifth Governor General of Canada, Viceroy of India from 1888-1894, and British Secretary of State for War

Nishat Bagh Splendid Chinar

Yet another massive and splendid Chinar tree growing at the old Mughal Gardens in Kashmir’s famous city of Srinagar

Nishat Bagh CostumeTree

Tourists can pose for their pictures in an array of traditional Kashmiri clothing underneath this large old Chinar tree at the Mughal Gardens.

Mavis Giant Chinnar

On the shores of Nagin Lake, near the lovely Mavis Hotel houseboat, is a exceptionally personable giant Chinnar tree

Craignano Chinar

This old British estate is now run by the Forest Department as a resthouse, and a Kashmiri Chinnar tree of lovely proportions can be found there

Rare Tree Chinnar

At the main plaza of the Mall in Shimla, on the watershed divide between the Ganga and the Indus rivers, you can find this sycamore tree from Asia Minor well signposted as “Rare Tree Chinar”

The Char Minar Chinar

This four-trunked monster is the largest and most elaborate of the old Chinar trees in Srinagar, and is planted just below the Mughal Gardens.

Landmark Trees of India